The TDP Advantage

Why use a Tax Professional?

What is your time worth to you?

Are you comfortable with every aspect of your tax return? Do you keep up-to-date with the tax code? If you are like most people, your life is busy enough as it is managing home, work and family priorities. According to 2003 government statistics, the average itemized tax return with interest and dividends took 28-hours and 30-minutes to prepare. Staying updated on the latest changes in tax law is probably not high on your daily agenda, but it is on ours!

Tax preparers continually study and are equipped to work with the latest tax guidelines. The tax code is complicated and in a constant state of flux. A tax preparer understands the impact of these changes to the code. Understanding the tax code is compounded by the fact that state law may not conform to federal law! Experience has shown that most people need tax advice throughout the course of the year with questions such as:
• “Should I put money into a Traditional IRA?”
• “How will my home foreclosure affect my tax return?”
• “My son is entering college: are there any tax benefits for me?”
• “My business is profitable this year.”
• “How much additional tax will I owe?”
• “I got a notice from the IRS: what do I do?”

Hiring a conscientious, savvy tax professional will not only help you answer these important questions, but will allow you to save time and money in the long run. In addition, having a skilled tax professional prepare your return can reduce the chances of being audited. Those individuals who have gone through an audit will attest that it is not a process they wish to repeat.

When you need representation to confront the IRS during an IRS audit we are there for you. We know the IRS forms inside and out; which allows us to help you reduce penalties, assuring that you pay the least amount of tax.